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aiFree Intelligent Health Partner (Solo)



”aiFree Intelligent Health Partner”is a lower limb rehabilitation system designed for elderly individuals and patients with debilitation. It provides more effective and regular home muscle rehabilitation through measurement and feedback from the device. It is used in conjunction with a gaming app during use.

Size 丨


Product Purpose 丨

Lower Limb Exercise Angle Detection / Unlimited Angle Information Transmission / Lower Limb Exercise Recording

Precautions 丨

• If the hardware device product is not used for an extended period, please ensure to fully charge it every month. 

• This product and its parts should be maintained by the original manufacturer; users should not disassemble it by themselves. 

• Avoid dropping or colliding the product, as it may cause the product to malfunction.

• Avoid exposing the product to high temperatures, direct sunlight, or immersion in water, as it may cause the product to malfunction.

Size 丨

丨Knee Brace Dimensions丨

Large (L) Size : Thigh circumference 60x33cm, Calf circumference 52.5x24.7cm丨Suitable range : Thigh circumference 45-59cm

Medium (M) Size : Thigh circumference 52x25cm, Calf circumference 44.5x24.7cm丨Suitable range :  Thigh circumference 40-50cm

丨Battery Type丨 Lithium Polymer Battery / 70mAh
丨Power Source丨 5V DC
丨Device Dimensions丨 Diameter approximately 65mm, Thickness approximately 15mm
丨Device Weight丨 Approximately 80g (excluding battery)

Manufacturers 丨

ZMI electronics, Ltd.

TEL | (06)2757575 #54336
6F, No.6, Sec.1, Gueiren 13th Rd., Gueiren Dist., Tainan City 711, Taiwan, R.O.C.
aiFree Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.
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