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On February 26th, the Medical Quality Promotion Association held the 24th National Healthcare Quality Award (NHQA) ceremony...

The National Healthcare Quality Award (NHQA), organized by the Foundation for Hospital Accreditation and Medical Quality Promotion...

Not only major corporations, but also technology startups have unique advantages in the field of elderly technology. WithUp Technology...

Launching the first portable sEMG muscle strength measurement training system integrating innovative features...

"Gamification" methods such as hobbies, challenges, and ranking systems have become weapons for many startups to optimize ...

Advance to Germany's MEDICA


MEDICA & COMPAMED 2022 will be grandly held at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre in Germany from November 14th to November 17th...

This article showcases our top picks for the best Taiwan based Wearable Technology companies...

Intelligent Health Partner | National Innovation Award


1. Utilizing a device that captures low-noise surface electromyographic signals (EMG) and nine-axis inertial sensing, we detect the activity of various muscle groups during training...

National Cheng Kung University wins eight national innovation awards


The 18th National Innovation Award was held recently at the Grand Hall of the Taipei International Convention Center...

National Cheng Kung University develops a Intelligent Health Partner...


NCKU's interdisciplinary team with the "Smart Health Promotion Service System" participated in the 2021 "Stanford Silver Hair Long-term Care Global Competition"...

The 6th "Green Life Creative Design Competition," jointly organized by Taiwan CPC Corporation and Panasonic Group Taiwan, ...

Make rehabilitation fun, good news for the elderly!


The NCKU Industrial Design team, under the guidance of Professors Lin Yen-Cheng and Chen Peng-Ting, led the development effort wit...

The third "Longteng Smiling Smart Network Entrepreneurship Competition," organized by the Acer Foundation...



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2023 National Healthcare Quality Award: Outstanding Healthcare Category Gold Award!



Recipient of the 2023 SNQ National Quality Mark (Healthcare Facility Category/Hospital Smart Healthcare Team)


Award Nomination

Finalist for the 2023 Harvard Business Review Digital Transformation Revolution Award


International exchange

Expand international connections - academic sharing with Nara Graduate School 


Award Nomination

2022 NHQA National Medical Quality Award Finalist for the second stage of the Smart Solution Group



Congratulations on passing the 2022 China Science and Technology Industry-Academic Plan!


clinical trial

Lirenli clinical case collection is completed!


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