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Intelligent Health partner

The global era of medical intelligence is upon us, and aiFREE aims to partner with diverse industries, listening to user needs and providing quality service designs to enhance quality of life. Our team and founders remain dedicated to corporate responsibility and innovation, striving to create happiness for society, partners, customers, and employees.

Company Objective

The most appropriate medical services.

Our company provides integrated smart service systems for professional rehabilitation programs. We offer a remote and digital service system for frail elderly individuals during the golden therapeutic period or health promotion period. This system provides precise and optimized rehabilitation plans, achieving the three major goals of "gamification, intelligence, and customization."

Bringing games into rehabilitation makes it fun! In our system, besides maintaining health, users can enjoy gaming.

Gamified Rehabilitation

Our professional medical staff will customize your regimen, ensuring comprehensive oversight of your health.

Physician feedback

The smart device records your health status, enabling effective rehabilitation for users,creating a high-quality future.

high quality life

​Our Members

Lisa Shi


PhD student, Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University​

COO of aiFREE Tech 

Sean Chang


PhD student, Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University​

CTO of aiFREE Tech 

Lin Yimo


PhD student, Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University​

Prestdent of aiFREE Tech 

Yang-Chen Lin


PhD, Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University​

Present Professor, Department of Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University

Founder of aiFREE Tech 

Our Services

TEL | (06)2757575 #54336
6F, No.6, Sec.1, Gueiren 13th Rd., Gueiren Dist., Tainan City 711, Taiwan, R.O.C.
aiFree Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.
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​Research and Development Center
No. 1, Daxue Rd, East District, 2nd Floor, Da Cheng Building, Tainan City 701, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Headquarters(TTA South)
​Tax ID number | 82969864
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